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Healing is NOT
the removal of symptoms,

but the Journey of re-integration of rejected or repressed aspects of ourselves.

Mental & Emotional Health

~ Mindfulness, Mindset & Meditation Tools

~ Psycho-Somatic Healing

~ Anxiety Care Toolkit

~ Stress & Nervous System Regulation

Spiritual Awakening & Shadow Work

~ Energy Hygiene & Empath Guidance 

~ Inner Child Healing

~ Spiritual Development & Rituals

~ Chakra Healing & Education

Holistic Healing & Lifestyle Therapy

~ Digestive Harmony Tools

~ TCM Nutrition Education

~ Womb Healing, PMS & Bleed Rituals

~ Sleep, Immunity & Energy Cultivation

Step 1:
Initial Consultation with Luna

A Complete Holistic Health Consultation

Wellness Intake, Energetic + Physical Assessment


1st Integrative Medicine Session:

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, 

Cupping Therapy, Somatic Bodywork, Reiki Energetic Clearing


Medicinal Food Plan


120 minutes (2 hours) | $180


Step 2:
Choose Your Healing Journey


Healing Journey:


Learn the holistic tools to empower your bodies' own healing capabilities.

Reset your Health,

Empower your Healing

& Connect to your Spirit.

4x - 1 hour 50 min Healing Sessions Include an Integration of:​

-  Five Elements Psychology-Based Acupuncture

- Chinese Medicine & Taoist Healing Arts

- Reiki + Energy Healing

- Cupping Therapy

- Somatic Bodywork

- Lifestyle Design Therapy

- Herbal Heat Therapy + Ear Seeds

- Intuitive Guidance + Spiritual Counsel

Plus +

 Receive Holistic Nutrition Education + Lifestyle Therapy to create new patterns for better Sleep, Digestion, Energy, Mood, Clarity and Immunity

  Learn the Mindfulness + Mindset Tools to course-correct

  Learn rituals for Stress + Nervous System Regulation


  Learn rituals for Hormonal Health + Period Kit

"I am so happy I invested in myself and dove into this work with Luna! This ‘Reset’ happened right when I needed it the most."


"When I came to Luna, I was in the process of integrating some big life changes. I had brain fog, low energy & felt lost. In our first session together, we went through all the important areas of my life: physical, mental, spiritual & emotional and set crystal clear intentions of what I wanted to work on. 


I noticed shifts immediately after my first session, and it only got better each week! After one month together, my whole energy shifted. 

I wake up now with so much energy and inspiration, feel mentally clear and so aligned in my being! Everything that I was calling in at the beginning came to fruition at the end of the month. 


I highly recommend Luna. Her energy is friendly, compassionate & nurturing and she not only holds amazing space but she gives you tools & practices to take home with you after each session. I feel so supported working with her and will recommend her to anyone who’s ready to dive in and do this healing work!"

- 1-Month Reset Journey Testimonial

Moon Medicine, Reiki, Acupuncture,

Healing Journey:


Psycho-Spiritual Medicine + Mentorship for:

Mental Health

Shadow Work + Spiritual Awakening

Sustainable Physical Health


12x - 1 hour 50 min Healing Sessions include an Integration of:


-  Five Elements Psychology-Based Acupuncture

- Chinese Medicine & Taoist Healing Arts

- Reiki + Energy Healing

- Cupping Therapy

- Somatic Bodywork

- Lifestyle Design Therapy

- Herbal Heat Therapy + Ear Seeds

- Intuitive Guidance + Spiritual Counsel

+ Sound Healing Therapies

Plus +

☾ Receive Holistic Nutrition Education + Lifestyle Therapy to create new patterns for better Sleep, Energy, Digestion, Mood, Clarity and Immunity

 Learn the Mindfulness + Mindset Tools to course-correct

Learn rituals for Stress + Nervous System Regulation


 Learn rituals for Hormonal Health + Period Kit

☾ Learn Meditation Techniques + Self Love Rituals


 Learn Energy Practices for Connecting, Protection + Clearing

 Learn how to cut Energetic Cords + Clear Blocks from the Chakras

☾ Learn how to do Inner Child-Work

☾ Learn how to do Shadow-Work Integration

☾ Learn Metaphysical Teachings and Rituals to guide and support you on your unique journey

"I did a three month journey with Luna at Moon Medicine.

I found the experience to be radically transforming and healing on many different levels.

"I am now a firm believer in the power that Chinese Medicine has to realign the bodies energy flow. Adopting the TCM dietary recommendation greatly improved my overall health and digestion.

On a deeper level I appreciate Lunas ability to see and recognize the mindset and belief patterns that also keep our energy stuck. Three months was a perfect amount of time to dig deep into these patterns and release them from my mind and body.


Luna is compassionate, skillful, loving and firm in her method. I felt genuinely cared for as I went on this journey with her and feel well equipped with diet resources, mantras, pressure points, etc. to work with on my own now.


I highly recommend the three month journey if someone is willing to exploring any dissemblance they may be experiencing, physically or emotionally. You will leave with deeper awareness, feeling renewed, realigned, excited and empowered."

- 3-Month Alignment Journey Testimonial

Other Offerings:

FullSizeRender-2 copy_edited.jpg

Reiki + Sound Meditation

Full Energy Work Session + Guided Sound Meditation


Reiki + IYS Energy Healing, Cord-Cutting, 3rd Eye & Crown Massage, 

Attuning Acupressure, Sound Tuning, Meditation & Spiritual Guidance.


Reiki Energy is channelled into the aura, meridians, chakras and body, creating a meditative space for: integration, emotional healing or release, reconnection, receiving messages from Guides, + aids physical body back into balance.

90 minutes | $150

1-on-1 Reiki Training & Spiritual Mentorship

Take your Reiki Master Training through a 1-on-1 Mentorship style.

Receive Reiki Treatments and Attunements in every session, as we journey through the chakra system.


Moon Medicine, Luna Fisher, Acupuncture, Reiki, Spiritual

Booking &Payment Information

Payment Methods Accepted:

E-Transfer, Credit Card and Cash

Cancellation Policy:

Must notify by email at within 48 hour notice. Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 charge.

Refund Policy:

No refunds available post-treatment and/or within a Healing Journey.

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