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Moon Medicine, Reiki, Sound Healing, Acupuncture

"Luna encompasses the meaning of being a holistic care provider.

Her trauma-informed, neuro-affirmative, person-centred care approach makes it so all your individual needs are considered and discussed to ensure you feel safe and supported during your treatments.

As someone with complex health and long-term chronic pain, I wish I had come across Luna years ago! Historically my experience with health care has been that of "just another patient" and never finding long-term success with treatments. Working with Luna has truly been transformative for symptom management and supporting my physical, neurological, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.


To receive meaningful treatment from someone who listens and meets you where you're at is incredibly refreshing. She never makes me feel like I am a problem patient and is also happy to do the research and further her understanding if she doesn't have an immediate answer.

If you are looking for someone who is incredibly knowledgeable, considerate, kind, and professional, I couldn't think of anyone else I would recommend more!"


- Alyssa, Testimonial of Alignment Healing Journey, 2023















"My experience of the three month Alignment Healing Journey at Moon Medicine has been transformational, healing, and positively life-changing.

There have been many wonderful and unexpected benefits from this journey. When I began- I was feeling frazzled, depressed and frustrated. I was looking for holistic healing to help, and after one session with Luna, I could tell I was in good hands.

Positive changes began to happen right away, and continue long after.

I discovered how amazing & beneficial Acupuncture & TCM can be!
My inner state is more positive & calm; I feel more balanced emotionally; my relationships with myself & others is better.
My relationship with food is more informed & much improved; my digestion is calm & nourished; I stopped drinking alcohol; I am trimmer & feel emotionally lighter.
I include more self-care & self-kindness, and use Luna's positive mindset & self-care rituals in my day.

I am meditating & doing yoga daily; I am sleeping better.
I feel clearer, more confident & peaceful; I feel more able to take on life’s challenges being in a much better state, mind & body.
My cycle is milder, and chronic physical pains are gone.
I feel healthier & more in tune with my body & life.

I found the deeper mind & heart healing I was looking for.
I am deeply grateful to Luna for her knowledgeable insight, kind touch, refreshing & holistic approach to healing.
Thank you for holding space for me, helping me find my way forward, and offering this treatment.


- Kristen, Testimonial of Alignment Healing Journey, 2023








"Luna is truly such a blessing to me in my life. My physical, mental and spiritual health has never felt better since I started seeing Luna.

I have been going to see her for the reset program and had the opportunity to take part in a Full Moon Retreat, where Luna guided me with 5 spiritual rituals;

It’s really hard to even put into words what happened to me that day. I was able to release some very deep rooted sadness and limiting beliefs I held onto so deeply because of my past experiences.

Some of which I didn't even realize I was holding onto. I had the most peaceful visual that really helped me come to terms with some of the things I have been struggling with and left me feeling incredibly rooted and unshakeable. It was a release that was so profound I felt like I left that day a much stronger and loving version of myself.


Luna is a doing exactly what she should be doing in life and I'm so happy to have found her. It is rare for me to trust and let my guard down, but the moment I met Luna I felt “safe” and knew this was someone who will genuinely hold space for me and really nurture me through my healing. She is as kind and knowledgeable as she is spiritually gifted. I look forward to many more sessions.

Luna, your authenticity, warmth, support and ability to help me love me, is so appreciated and I'm forever grateful.

- Christine, Testimonial of Alignment Healing Journey, 2023







"Luna has forever changed me to my core, working with her has been like coming home to myself.


She is so incredibly talented and always knows exactly what I need to bring myself back into alignment. Each session has brought me a greater sense of self and has opened my eyes to so many deeply engrained patterns and trauma responses.

She has given me the tools I need to honour myself and my body, and she has helped me work through these emotions in a gentle, respectful manner.


This has been the most rewarding work I have ever done,

my body and mind are thriving.

In the days we’re living in, having this peaceful, safe space to heal, under Lunas watchful protection, is invaluable."

- Azjahly, Testimonial of Alignment Healing Journey, 2023

"Luna has helped me beyond what I thought possible and fundamentally changed my relationship with myself for the better.

I’ve been seeing Luna for almost a year, and our time together has been irreplaceable in my journey.

She is a highly skilled acupuncturist and energy healer who has provided me with tools to promote health and healing I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.


Leaving each session I feel incredible balance, clarity and euphoria. I’m so grateful for Luna and her guidance, I'll thank her eternally. I highly recommend anyone visit this brilliant healer."

- Lo, Testimonial of Alignment Healing Journey, 2023

"Working with Luna at Moon Medicine has been a DREAM.

She has helped me with fatigue, finding a diet that works for me, and given me amazing spiritual counselling alongside table work that lets me feel held enough to release and find peace.

Has made a lasting physical and emotional impact on my life!


I am utterly grateful for this golden point in my journey. <3"


- Eden, Testimonial, March 2021

"Leaving a session with Luna I feel euphoric and in tune with my inner self and there is no better feeling!


Working with Luna has truly brought clarity, balance and awareness into my mind, body and spirit. Luna works with me in all areas of my wellness mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and I felt so much support from her in all these areas.

Luna helped talk with me through my emotions and feelings around really big events in my life as well as she provide me with healing during a very difficult time and tools to use on my own.

I have appreciated my work with Luna so much it is hard to put to words!

Luna has inspired me so much to keep working on my inner journey as there is so much to still learn. I would recommend her/ I do recommend her to everyone I know seeking holistic support. Thank you for what you do Luna <3"

- Tori, Testimonial of 1-Reset Journey, April 2021

"I am so happy I invested in myself and dove into this work with Luna!

This ‘reset’ happened right when I needed it the most. When I came to Luna, I was in the process of integrating some big life changes. I had brain fog, low energy & felt lost.

In our first session together, we went through all the important areas of my life: physical, mental, spiritual & emotional and set crystal clear intentions of what I wanted to work on.

I noticed shifts immediately after my first session, and it only got better each week! After one month together, my whole energy shifted. I wake up now with so much energy and inspiration, feel mentally clear and so aligned in my being!

Everything that I was calling in at the beginning came to fruition at the end of the month. I highly recommend Luna.

Her energy is friendly, compassionate & nurturing and she not only holds amazing space but she gives you tools & practices to take home with you after each session. I feel so supported working with her and will recommend her to anyone who’s ready to dive in and do this healing work!"

- Hayley, Testimonial of 1-Month Reset Journey, January 2021

"I walk out of our sessions feeling capable of transformation, both grounded and resilient.

Luna is truly a gift. She embodies loving kindness, she is intentional, intuitive, present, and powerful. She has listened whole heartedly and without judgement to the intersections of my physical/mental/emotional bodies and provided insightful and sustainable guidance.

Working with Luna feels like a devotional to myself and my healing."

- Courtney, Testimonial of 3-Month Alignment Journey, August 2020

"Luna is a goddess and reminds you that you are too.

She is thorough in her physical and emotional treatments, and is always gentle and kind. She validates and holds space for your experience and gives tangible direction to address spiritual/mental/emotional ailments.


I can honestly say that two treatments helped shift my perspective and attitude so fundamentally as to set me off in a more positive direction in my healing journey,

& Luna has continued to be so supportive of me from afar. I am so grateful for her wisdom and support."

- Chanda, Testimonial June 2020

"What I found with Luna was so much more than digestive health.


Luna came into my journey at a time when I had put in a lot of work, but I needed something more.

I was having digestive issues and had grown tired of coping with the symptoms that I was told were stress related and ‘just a part of life’.

My body needed help healing.

What I found with Luna was so much more than digestive health. I found a compassionate heart that listened fully to my story.

A safe place to release and feel held. Encouragement and support.

An energy in my body that I hadn’t felt in years.

Luna was that perfect piece to add to my healing puzzle.


So much love."

- Laurel, Testimonial July 2020

"It took one session with Luna, and my life changed in the most beautiful way.


Luna really holds space for her clients and has a pure gentle heart.

Her treatments are exceptional and I always felt held, supported, and cared for. I continued to see her for fire cupping, acupuncture and reiki and will most definitely be booking with Moon Medicine whenever I am in Victoria. 

I could always relax in her presence and felt super comfortable. 


Her treatments were transformative, for me.


Really helped release a lot of old energy.

Highly recommend her for anyone in need of deep healing treatments. Eternal gratitude for this woman.

Many Blessings."

- Moon, Testimonial January 2020

"I always leave my Moon Medicine appointment feeing light, refreshed, and relaxed.

I can't recommend Luna enough! She is so knowledgeable and I can tell she truly loves working as a healer.
From her nurturing energy, to her professionalism, she makes every visit a comfortable one.

I get so much out of each session - whether it's Acupuncture, Fire Cupping, Sound Healing, Reiki, or simply how Luna always listens attentively.


I always leave my Moon Medicine appointment feeing light, refreshed, and relaxed."

- Jess, Testimonial June 2020

"I noticed results after the first session and I am continuing to notice results and greater alignment in my life after each session.


"I've seen Luna for acupuncture and cupping four times now. 

Her treatments are gentle, intuitive and powerful.

My digestion has improved greatly and my body is starting to feel more attuned each week. I was unsure if acupuncture would be right for me but Luna came highly recommended by a close friend.


She's the real deal, I'm very grateful that I've found her and cannot recommend her enough."

- Lauren, Testimonial November 2019

"The work we have done in the last two sessions has changed my life and will continue to do so everyday.

I would like to express my gratitude for you, Luna. For being on this journey with me. Coming from being someone with PCOS who never had regular cycles. Like 104 day cycles. Pain that would take me out for days at a time. I am happy to report that I now have regular cycles, know when I ovulate and have very minimal discomfort during my moon time.

Never mind the feeling of being whole and at home in my body.

You have helped me find my voice and my way!

Thank you Luna!" 

- Laurel, Testimonial December 2019.

"6/5 stars ⭐️ amazing acupuncture treatments with Luna have brought me so much peace and compassion within my body.


As soon as she touched me I simply melted. Her incorporation of reiki healing in all of her treatments make all the difference in receiving her nurturing and grounding healing.

Absolute magic."


- Mia, Testimonial June 2019

"Seriously, I couldn't recommend Luna enough, especially if it's your first time with acupuncture and you're feeling nervous.
"Everyone who knows me knows I'm scared of needles.
Going to acupuncture has always been a huge source of anxiety for me, but it was so easy with Luna.
I felt so calm and relaxed that I literally didn't realize there were any needles in me at all. She did the most relaxing sound therapy, which literally made me feel like my face was melting.
Seriously, I couldn't recommend Luna enough, especially if it's your first time with acupuncture and you're feeling nervous."
- Loveica, Testimonial June 2019
"Luna is an incredible practitioner and healer who’s intuition and genuine loving nature is rare and so needed in the healing process.
 Every treatment I received I felt so relaxed and well cared for. Highly recommend her!"
-Mel, Testimonial June 2018

"Luna is thoughtful, intentional and grounded.

I've received many treatments from her, she is kind, attentive, calming & incredibly knowledgable.

Luna is thoughtful, intentional and grounded. 

I always feel safe and cared for in her presence."

- Kirstin, Testimonial August 2019

"Luna is a talented healer and lovely human. 


I highly recommend her treatments!"

- Kayliah, Testimonial August 2019

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