Asked Questions

I'm new to Acupuncture, what can I expect?

Luna offers exclusively 90 minute sessions where we explore your lifestyle habits, medical history, diet, mental health, energy, sleep patterns, mindset, and much more. 

She offers Sacred Healing Journeys that span from 1-month to 6-months in duration.

 Luna's approach to needling is very slow, gentle, calming + intuitive for

an ultra-relaxing experience for your highest healing.

It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes, to eat a meal prior to your session and to drink a lot of room-temperature water post-treatment.

Are your services eligible for medical coverage?

(Example: Extended benefits plan, MSP premium, ICBC claims)

As a Registered Acupuncturist, all of Luna's treatments are eligible for medical coverage.

After booking your Sacred Healing Journey, you will not be required to pay until after your first session.

*After payment for the package, you will be emailed a receipt that includes her CTCMA registration number.

You will use this # to claim your treatment in your extended benefits health plan.*

How many Sessions will I need?

This is dependent upon your individual needs.

But a general rule for acupuncture is to receive treatments 1x a week,

for at least 3-months for optimal results.

You can also receive pain-relief, stress-relief, anxiety-relief and more,

after just one session.

Do the needles hurt?

The needles produce a "sensation" rather than pain. This can arise as a deep ache, tingling or spreading feeling. On certain areas where the muscles are tight, the insertion can be tender. 

Why choose Moon Medicine?

Luna's practice is geared towards treating the Emotional Root of the problem. She helps you tackle your Self-Limiting Factors, so you can thrive + flourish at your highest potential.

 Her gentle approach attracts sensitive souls, empaths, the spiritually-minded and anyone looking to receive a nurturing, comprehensive & deeply supportive healing treatment.

What Payment Options are available?

At Moon Medicine we accept payment through:

E-transfers, Credit cards and Cash.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

48 hours notice by email to

Failure to do so will result in a partial charge.

*Exception to this rule during the COVID-19 pandemic*


Focus Health Clinic at 1864 Oak Bay Ave. Victoria,

British Columbia, Canada.


Wednesday 3-9pm

Thursday: 2-8pm

Friday: 2-8pm

Sunday: 12-6pm

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