Registered Acupuncturist,

Certified Reiki Master Therapist & Alchemist

Thank you for being here.

It is my purpose & honour to walk beside you on this powerful journey to Wellness Empowerment and Self-Discovery.

It is my intention with all treatment

to empower your bodies' own healing capabilities

so that you can function at your highest potential, naturally.

I aim to empower your mindset, support your mental health and create emotional stability, so you can show up as your best self & most aligned self.

Education & Training:




Work Experience:

The Path Here,

Growing up, Luna was afflicted by an anxiety disorder and an empathic nature; Moon Medicine was birthed from her journey to discover effective holistic medicine for mental health empowerment, spiritual and emotional development.

Luna became a Certified Reiki Therapist (Masters level) in 2013, awarded from the Healing Centre where she first began her search. With a background in energy healing, meditation & yoga; Luna’s interest in the esoteric lead her to enroll into the Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine program at the Academy Of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson, British Columbia.

Exploring classical TCM texts, Qi Gong & Taiji classes, Taoism, Food & Diet Therapy, Counselling Skills, Biomedical & Western Diagnosis studies, TCM Psychology, incredible ancient diagnosis techniques and more; Luna fell profoundly in love with the depth, meaning & effective nature of Traditional Chinese medicine.

While developing an entirely new lens to look at life from and living in the awe-inspiring Kootenay mountains -- Luna’s mindset evolved.

She answered an intuitive calling to move to Vancouver Island and completed her studies at Pacific Rim College in Victoria.

Following graduation, Luna wished to stay involved in Healthcare and Social Services, while she was in the licensing process.

With the desire to continue to learn and gain experience with Mental Health and Wellness, she began working at:

Sapphire Day Spa, a Medical Diet & Health Clinic, worked as a Mental Health Worker at PHS Community Services Society & Harm Reduction Worker at The Harbour Safe Consumption Site and offered Nutritional and Botanical Counselling at Lifestyle Markets.

Luna became Registered with the CTCMA, the TCM licensing body of BC. She now practices in Oak Bay, Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


Located within Focus Health Clinic at 1864 Oak Bay Ave. Victoria, British Columbia


Thursday: 2-8pm

Friday: 2-8pm

Sunday: 10-4pm

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