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Alchemist Journey

A Reiki Training Retreat by Moon Medicine



Journey with us through the alchemical process of awakening the Healer within.



The Alchemist Journey

 5-month/27 hour Healing & Training Journey into a

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner



🜁 Reiki Curriculum & Attunements Level 1 + 2

- learn Reiki levels 1 & 2, and receive the attunements to become a qualified Practitioner. (No previous training required & all Reiki Practitioners are welcomed to take this as a refresher)

🜃 9x In-Person Group Healing Ceremonies

- 1-hour Moon Medicine ceremonies each session that include an integration of: Reiki, energy work, intuitive bodywork, sound healing, meditation, somatic exploration, and occult/spiritual rituals.


🜂 Alchemy, Mind-Body Connection, & 5-Elements 

- dive deeper into the alchemical path by learning healing approaches like: Daoist alchemy, mind-body-spirit connections, 5-elemental psychology & traditional Chinese medicine practices.

🜄 Understand Qi & Energetic Anatomy

​- learn the different approaches to alchemizing/transforming each Energy Center/Chakra in the body & energy body.

🜁 Practitioner Prep Kit

- step into the role of Practitioner feeling prepared with energy hygiene, patient-care, self-care, and more.

+ and Mentorship!

from Luna’s 10 years as a Reiki Master Teacher, practicing Spiritualist/Occultist, and 5 years of clinical experience as a 5-Element Registered Acupuncturist.

Let us embrace the Benevolent & Innovative energy of the 2024 Green Wood Dragon and create meaningful heart-led transformation for ourselves & others.


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This is an in-person Journey held on Lekwungen & Coast Salish unceded land, also known as “Victoria BC, Canada".

We meet in a small group (2x) twice a month around the new & full moon on Sunday afternoons 12:30-3:30pm, at MUSE Mind & Body Studio in Esquimalt, 481 Head Street.

The Journey begins May 19th - September 22nd.

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We meet at MUSE Studio on:

  1. May 19th: Reiki, Alchemy, Mind-Body

  2. June 9th: Root - Earth

  3. June 23rd: Sacral - Water

  4. July 7th: Solar - Fire

  5. July 28th: Heart - Wood

  6. August 11th: Throat - Metal

  7. August 25th: Third Eye - Ether

  8. September 8th: Crown - Spirit

  9. September 22nd: Practitioner Prep


“My reiki mentorship with Luna has been such a gift, this journey together has had a profound impact on my life and opened my eyes to the importance of spiritual practice in my daily life. I have found deep healing through our work together in my physical body by finding peace and love for my body that I didn’t know was possible. 


Working through the energy centres with Luna’s guidance I was able to release past traumas and move forward with a set of tools that are now ingrained in my spiritual practice. The safety and comfort that Luna provides in our sessions as a spiritual teacher has allowed for deep healing in my emotional, mental and physical life.

The impact of our work together has spread far beyond what I thought was possible, I have gotten closer to the most authentic version of myself because of the space Luna allows for learning and healing in our mentorship. 

Our conversations and reiki healing sessions work together to provide a deep understand of Reiki through the Mind-Body Connection lens:

Using this framework has helped me find a strong foundation in my understanding of our spiritual work and an excitement for how I will apply my knowledge moving forward."

Alchemist Journey

Payment Portal:

Accepted by E-Transfer, Credit Card, or Cash

🜁 Pay in Full - and save! ($278)

1x (one) payment of $2,222

🜃 Payment Plan - monthly payments

5x (five) payments of $500


Send an email to with the Subject: "Alchemist Journey" 


“I am a long time patient of Luna’s and when she announced her Reiki Mentorship Training I knew I had to be a part of the magic! I had previously taken a one day level one class that had introduced me to reiki, but I wanted to learn more.

Luna’s slowed down and in-depth training, combined with in-session healings, was exactly what I was looking for. 

Not only did I get the background of the chakra systems and so much more, but was led on a beautiful healing journey of knowing myself better and being better able to nurture and love me. I have great gratitude for my time working with Luna as my mentor.”

This is a Queer-run Reiki Training Retreat & warmly welcomes folks of all walks of life.

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