Spiritual Alchemy: 

to free you

from your core wounds, fears,

self-limiting beliefs & self-loathing,

 and return to soulful awareness,

the ultimate state of transformation. 

Mental Health & Emotional Empowerment

I offer you the mindfulness tools & Sacred Bodywork Sessions to heal, release & integrate trauma and emotional wounds to 

Support & Liberate Mental Health,

Understand & Empower your own Physical Health,

Transform your Relationship with Yourself, Food & your Lifestyle Rituals, 

Create and Maintain Healthy Boundaries,

Restructure Inner Narratives & Self-Talk,

& discover your True Potential.

Mental & Emotional Empowerment

Digestive Health

Diet Therapy & Eastern Nutrition 

Menstrual Cycle Regulation

Facial Rejuvenation 

Empowered Wellness Package

The Medicine of The Moon

"to confront a person with their shadow, is to show them their own light"

- Carl Jung

Commit to your sacred growth and spiritual wellness by diving deep into the shadow self to transform and heal wounds under the surface that negatively impact your present.


Integrating that healing over 10 sacred sessions to treat the root cause of your disharmonies, EMPOWER your mindset, liberate your physical health and discover mental-emotional empowerment.

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Located within Focus Health Clinic at 1864 Oak Bay Ave. Victoria, British Columbia


Thursday: 2-8pm

Friday: 2-8pm

Sunday: 10-4pm

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